Portfolio of Harshad Kulkarni

It all commenced with a task in 2004. The task I totally underestimated, pixel art.

I count myself lucky, I could meet with hundreds of mobile devices running on diverse platforms. From recently announced Amazon Fire phone, iOS8 and Android KitKat; my experience of mobile devices goes all the way back to J2ME and BREW.

Thinking out of the box has helped a lot. Constrains got the best work out of me and as a team, we have moved the mountains.

Yahoo! Mail iPhoen App
Live score for a cricket match or photos shared in an email, information design is always challenging. Yahoo! Cricket was my first iOS app released in 2011 and yahoo mail in 2012.

Pixel art may not be relevant now, but it laid the foundation, a strong one. Storytelling, pixel fonts, characters, animations, optimizing sprites was a huge learning. A task became a project and many projects added to fantastic four years of mobile gaming.

Van Damage, a mobile game reflecting Jean-Claude Van Damme’s incredible stunt was my first project as pixel artist. Executing animation using code was something fresh to me and thrilling. Fusion of design and engineering to carry out desired effects was incredible, and that still creates wonderful experiences!

Yahoo! Mail iPhoen App
From 8Bit palette to black and white, from characters to fonts, pixel art was fun.

I wish we could slow down animations on a simulator or Airplay on a TV in those days, as it was eye straining to stare at smaller screen to control the output. My last project, Rounders was nominated for International Mobile Gaming Awards in real world games category. As an art director I led the team of pixel artists. Together we created an avatar system for the first time on mobile.

2007 was a roller coaster, left the mobile gaming pond and dived into software ocean. I joined yahoo.

Yahoo! Mail iPhoen App
Flow charts help to address edge cases and sketching is best way to fail early and learn early.

Yahoo was a beginning of a new epoch. Designing for hundreds of millions of users was challenging, and is still. I hardly questioned the right brain in the early days of yahoo. See me struggling, many of my peers offered help to get the desired balance.

In the process I tended towards an old school technique. Sketching!!! It is a wonderful instrument to stimulate the thoughts out quickly and loads of them.

Yahoo! Mail iPhoen App
From evaluative research to icon design. I was lucky to try my hands on all aspects of design and learn. The icon above is for Tamil language module featured on yahoo India homepage.

I worked on the yahoo India front page, yahoo India local and many regional properties. The fun project was yahoo cricket. Designing use cases for the live scores module was the most difficult.

Turning with an architect to make necessary alterations in the API was an accomplishment considering the timelines we faced at yahoo cricket.

Yahoo! Mail iPad App
Triage experience is unique to yahoo mail and is an outcome of a conversation with developer.

Silicon valley, a new chapter started in 2011. In the last three years worked on many projects. I am a proud member of the team that delivered, yahoo mail iPhone and iPad app in just six months. Our work was much more appreciated at all levels.


Yahoo! Mail iPhoen App
Mix media experiment, Acrylic on canvas with led lights.

The battle between left and right brain is still going along, and it is difficult to let one win. Feels that the right side helps me in critical places.

The Work showcased here belongs to the respective organization. It also equally belongs to the behind the scene crew, engineers and product managers. And to the team working restlessly at the coffee counter :)